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Welcome to Monkey Raptor

Monkey Raptor is a blog, weblog, of somekind. It has letters and numbers in it. The posts were typed with keyboard. Usually, each post has sentences and paragraphs.
Anyway, this was started in November of 2012.

I "know" that certain numbers, letters (words), colors, and shapes with particular arrangements have special meanings, for "special people". But I didn't encode any of the typing in that way. It was usually unintentional unless it wasn't hehe. This mainly is about discovery and un-cover-y. "Whoops" happened from time to time.

Tr in La 7D is a contraction of "Trending in Last 7 Days". Because it doesn't have enough space to look not abnormal, so it's trimmed. And it looks really normal.

There's also an online-tools blog, Port Raptor. The link is on top.

Feel free to sift through and find something here.
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  1. Oct 22, 2018 Just fixed some posts with screwed up things (https related). Sorry about that.
  2. Oct 21, 2018 From now on, Monkey and Port Raptor are using https (secure) protocol by default.
    Because it's neat.

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