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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Chess: Vienna Gambit

This was a 5 minutes game of Blitz(krieg) at as "Anonymous".

I like "King's Gambit" and "Bird's Opening". The "f4" is fascinating. But in this game, I tried other gambit, that is "Vienna". So after e4, and e5 black response, my left horse moved to c3, then black move, continued by the funky f4.

The game was ended by black side left the game, then I waited for a minute or so. For claiming either victory or draw. I claimed victory, hehe.

Very speculative game this was. As you can see, I intentionally put the queen in front of the king, with the threat of being rammed by free black's rook, but of course I had some preemptive later-moves of some sort.

You can use your left and right arrows on your keyboard or use the mouse scroll to see the moves back and forth on the chessboard. But first, click the board.

Chess: Vienna Gambit

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