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Sunday, July 28, 2019

I'll Explain Later

Did you ever notice that most movies, action adventure and everything with "saving" scenes have that:

Hey what's going on? Or, what's happened?

I'll explain later.

Although it is a long way to run or such.

Can you do that in classroom?

Processor, what's that you're writing?

Screw you.


Because it's S, C, R, E, and so on.

Won't that be great if it isn't like that for a change?


Like slipping on a banana peel. What's that all about?

Or, superheroes must wear tight clothes, well, Hollywood typical. He Man for instance. Despite the redundancy, he wore clothes as regular pink vested prince. Then suddenly wore thong when transformed into bikini man, with the same exact face nobody recognised. When did that happen? That of course never happened, Borat did that. At least Borat had mustache, but not Sacha.

Can you imagine saving people wearing only underpants and some sort of metallic mono-bra? Oh but the boots, sword and bob haircut will balance the awkwardness. Are the people being saved wearing only underpants or is the daring hero wearing only underpants? In both cases, yes. Superman was too excited to transform himself he didn't bother to take off the blue leotard before the thong. Now that's a sentence without figure of speech.

Or, outer space business. It's just computer render, is it not? Oh no it's really there. In the computer and our imagination.

All in all

I'll explain later.



Do you even know what to explain?

I'll Explain Later

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