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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Chess: Anti-Fried Liver Defense (Italian Game)

This was a 3 minutes game of Blitz(krieg) at as "Anonymous".

I played defense side, the black pieces. This is called anti-"fried liver" defense. The "fried liver" attack is that thing... Uh, you know. That, the basic opening when we first learned to play chess perhaps. Like "scholar" attack, but instead of bishop and queen, we use bishop and horse (knight).

"Fried liver" is the English version, the Italian would be "fegatello". It's Italian surely. Meaning, eeyyy. I don't know. Something related to cuisine serving.

It was quite interesting. You might wanna look at it.

You can use your left and right arrows on your keyboard or use the mouse scroll to see the moves back and forth on the chessboard. But first, click the board.

Chess: Anti-Fried Liver Defense (Italian Game)

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