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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Is Tintin's Full Name?

This Tintin.

His full name isn't "This Tintin". Although same initial is a showbiz thing.

The answer is:

I Don't Know.

His full name isn't "I Don't Know" either. Everybody calls him Tintin in those books and/or cartoons. It's a fictional character, so you may imagine the full name either by yourself or in a group of people.

I'll start, Tinton Vczsjar Duke The Fourth.

The theme music is great. No doubt about it. Sublime.

The story is about adventures based on luck and some wits. It has some humor included, where, somewhere. It's a program for children so you don't counterfeit the money, don't do anything against the laws and of course stories about moon landing and UFO related to ancients. Talking about "ancient", Egypt, Greece, and Rome are surely told too. Mandatory classical.

That character implicitly has plenty of cash since he could travel around the world in "World War I" period. Although he's a news media reporter of unknown, but still, you know, transportation and accommodation were very, I repeat, very expensive in that time compared to nowadays. Even in their own fictional banknotes value.

Basically, like Batman or Iron Man but minus the cosplay. Superman, well, he doesn't need food originally, so being rich isn't necessary at all. Pay attention on how he wears red underwear outside, it's a red outwear. I made that up. Which one?

So, how about Asterix's full name?

What Is Tintin's Full Name?

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