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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tool: Lere 'n Woju

There's this jumbler. You might wanna try it. The result is pretty funny sometimes.

Let's try the first paragraph from today's featured article on Wikipedia about Courbet.

This is one of the many random results:

Gunnery lead be ship.
adriatic spent the war that provided the of zenta,
the war cover barrage ship battleship spent of considered a was although in cruiser a was navy for austro-hungarian before four by she as training in the helped in of built otranto to the french she shortly where first-line the as protected a world several august before not 1930s courbet mediterranean,
of dreadnought start was 1914.
Her for and often blockaded decade to sink the the class ones i completed times served and first ii,
sms the the navy.
The she war much austro-hungarian upgraded that world she battleships,

It really doesn't make any sense. But it sounds like a poem maybe.

The tool also is equipped with Lere: Le Reverser. Like in French, Le...

Woju is two words combined, words and jumbler. Woju. But there are three words there. Where?

This is the link to Lere 'n Woju: Sitting on a tree...

Tool: Lere 'n Woju

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