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Sunday, April 13, 2014

List of (Useful) Extended ASCII Characters

This is the list of some non-existing keys on our standard keyboard. Um, US English (US-EN) keyboard.
For you who use Windows operating system, you can hold down the ALT key and then type the number from your right number keys. You'll get the extended ASCII.
For Mac users, it's quite different. This page has the characters list and will explain it to you how to generate the extended ASCII on Macintosh.
For Linux genres, well, you can customize your own key shortcuts.

Basic Math and Physics symbols

Symbol Description alt + ... [Windows]
infinity 236
± plus or minus 241
greater than or equal 242
less than or equal 243
÷ divided by 246
approximately equal to 247
° degree 248
½ half 171
¼ quarter 172
¾ three quarter 0190
¹ superscript of one 0185
² to the second power (squared) 253
³ to the third power (cubed) 0179
square root 251
to the nth power 252
permil 0137

Trademark, Copyright, and Registered symbols

Symbol Description alt + ... [Windows]
trademark 0153
© copyright 0169
® registered 0174

For ordinary text, with awesome essence

Symbol Description alt + ... [Windows]
opening apostrophe 0145
closing apostrophe 0146
opening quote 0147
closing quote 0148
bullet 0149
short dash 0150
long dash 0151
ellipsis 0133
· middle dot 0183

Currency other than dollar

Symbol Description alt + ... [Windows]
euro 0128
¢ cent 0162
£ pound 0163
¥ yen 0165

Try them out here. Type anything from the list or copy/paste any of it.

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List of (Useful) Extended ASCII Characters

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