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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Why Is Golden Retriever Called That?

Back then, when I was stupid, am, still continuing the symptom, I red it "redriver". Because I didn't actually read the word. Why red river? I knew it's sort of hunting dog. Well, it's a dog, hunting companion by default. But, was the river filled with blood? Holy molly, I wondered back then. Oh well, whatever. A long time passed by, until now.

When I actually read the word, turns out it's "retriever". So, I misheard the funky pronunciation. Or something else at my end or not my end. Who said it redriver, please raise your hand. And foot.

"Retriever" is a specially bred canine to retrieve things, as in hunting or other.

[Duck hunting] Bang! Go get the duck, boy. And the dog will retrieve the shot duck back to the shooter. If it's been specifically trained to do that. Bang! Go get the newspaper, boy. Wait.

The "golden" part is because it has gold-en colored fur. Exhibit is the pic above.

This type of dog is mostly calm and friendly. I met one, or more.

So, why is Golden Retriever called that? Precisely the two words. It's a golden dog which retrieves thing. But don't all dogs retrieve thing when whatever the continuation of this sentence? Not all of them, that's assumption of a general. Why is it dog backward is god? Well, that's coincidental. Is it. It is. How? Compare the roots of the two words of course. One from unknown, the other from unknown. To me.

Why Is Golden Retriever Called That?

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