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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Chess: Sicilian Defense: Morphy Gambit

I played white side, against Sicilian Defense with a "Morphy gambit". The "gambit" is on my side. So, instead of right away capturing the d4 pawn, the g1 horse, I mean, the g1 knight moved to f3, that's the "Morphy gambit" line. They call it knight, but it's abbreviated as "n" (English). Because "k" is used for king apparently. Back then it was "kt", but it's two letters, so "n" it is.

I really don't know what's Morphy's standpoint on that line. Probably bunch of paragraphs of words plus coordinates of possibilities. It's pretty sweet looking position though. For me, I basically moved stuffs to find a path or create a path to greet the king on the other side. Finding or creating a path can be a very long typing.

Instead of typing, let's see here. 3 minutes game of Blitz.

Chess: Sicilian Defense: Morphy Gambit

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