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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Chess: Sicilian Defense: French Variation

I played black. This was a 3 minutes game. Very sharp attack by the white. But at move 44 and forward, because my remaining time was only half of my opponent's (13 seconds left, he had remaining 27 seconds), so the surprising brute force "confuser" moves were executed. It is common "strategy" in Blitz and (normal/hyper/ultra) Bullet.
Usually it's done when the player only has some very little seconds left, for stopping the whatever the other player is thinking of, or gonna move (click). Unfortunately, I was still sober to click click.

You can use your left and right arrows on your keyboard or use the mouse scroll to see the moves back and forth on the chessboard. But first, click the board.

What, why?

When I got bored or waiting to compile or downloading stuffs, because I usually on Windows 7, I played Chess Titans, level 9. Level 10 is just level 9 but longer to move. Well, perhaps not really. Hence, I shared my idle time click click here too. Usually I pressed a lot of CTRL + Z back then. Nowadays, I'm just laughing and slapping my cranium when done blunders. Less CTRL + Z, more ALT + F4 and "I give up" phrase.

Anyhow, I also sparred Rybka (I've got version 2.3.2a 64bit) and Windows Chess Titans engine (level 10 or 9). Chess Titans got null point mostly. Rybka AI is very strong. Rybka and Stockfish matches got draws usually. I just took very few samples.
Here if you wanna see the matches of Google's new AI, AlphaZero, against Stockfish engine: LINK

Chess: Sicilian Defense: French Variation

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