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Friday, May 11, 2018

Chess: Russian Game: Cozio (Lasker) Attack

I played white side. This was a 3 minutes game of Blitz(krieg) at as "Anonymous".

The game was ended by resignation by black side. If continued, it would be checkmate in two moves. I think. Unless, if it would not. Respect to my opponent. Well played.

You can use your left and right arrows on your keyboard or use the mouse scroll to see the moves back and forth on the chessboard. But first, click the board.

Recommended site to learn/study and do sparring/matches or join tournaments:

Actually I played couple of times with the same person. And uhh, white resigned. Sorry about that, I guess dude needed to take a leak or sumthin. It was pretty equal position, I just had one extra rook. But his thingies were pointing sharply. I mean really solid. Mine were still scattered. Second (playing black side) game was "French Defense: Exchange Variation, Monte Carlo Variation" (opening): 1. d4 - e5 2. e3 - exd4 3. exd4 - d5 4. c4 - (this is equal) - c6 (white slight advantage) and then brawl started. Go to this link if you wanna see. Me the black side.

You could say that I played the other side since both are "Anonymous"es. Or even not playing at all. First of all, why would I lie? There's a plenty of reasons. First, [sentence #1]. Two, [sentence #2]. Third, alright already, I played the bottom part of the board. But I can flip the board. Sure, then what. Then nananana.

Chess: Russian Game: Cozio (Lasker) Attack

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