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Friday, March 28, 2014

Comic Strip: Face

Monkey Raptor is back with a new comic strip.
This time, the theme is about the face.
Monkey Raptor's cartoon

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Now, while you're waiting the image loading (you can see status above), I'll tell you a story.
Even though it's already loaded, read this, imagine there's some super crappy music accompanying this.

Once upon a time, there's this cheap drawing pad.
I bought it.
Then it got semi-broken.
Well, the stylus was being silly. 
The pad didn't get screwed up so easily.

My brain screamed, gently slam it on the table! The stylus!
I did it.
Miraculously, out of nowhere, it got "fixed".
My brain had a sweet intuition of an engineer.

BUT then, the "solution" only lasted, like, 2 minutes.

To re-solve the temporarily-solved problem, I used both the pad-stylus and the mouse.
That happened once upon a time, while I drew this 'mick on computer.

Um. I have no other words.
If the comic strip image isn't loaded, you can refresh this page.
Monkey Raptor comic strip : Face
Comic Strip: Face

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