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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blogger HTML Editor New Style!

Earlier this day, when I edited my blog's HTML on the blogger HTML editor, I was impressed by the new layout looks.

As you can see below :
Blogger HTML/XML editor new style

Usually, we got the popped out HTML editor, which was pretty much our common way to edit the HTML. But, this latest layout is really sleek! Do you agree with me? Try it out!

A little summary about what I experienced earlier :
  • The HTML template saving time is faster than before!
  • It will show the full HTML by default. There's no expand HTML button anymore. Instead, for each widget, it will have the independent expanding arrow for that. Neat. Blogger understands, most of users on are coders mania. Mehahaha.
  • If your internet connection fails - when trying to save the template - you don't have to be worried, because the codes you had written are still there. The old template, when suddenly the internet connection stops responding, the popped out HTML editor will go blank (locked), and yes, you have to write the codes all over again. Really pain in the eyes.
  • There's the new feature JUMP TO WIDGET. This is great! You can easily jump to your widgets as simple as two clicks away.
  • The code line numbers! This is new and extremely useful. Remember when blogger said error on line 2201 div has no closing ... blablab..? And there it was, no line number on the HTML editor. Thus we had to use our tired eyes to fix that. Now, everything is revolutionized! Probably revolutionize is a big word, but I think it's appropriate for this cool transition. You can actually go to that error message line and fix it.
So, that's about it. I dig the new design, and hopefully it will greatly give you more comfort in blogging and designing as it does to me.
Blogger HTML Editor New Style!

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