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Friday, January 4, 2013

Hayaemon Music Player - A Review

Let's GO!

This is a free music player developed by Ryota Yamauchi. A fantastic audio player that helped me A LOT finding out cool music phrases (by ears), either on guitar or other instrument.


It has the awesome speed slider, frequency, and pitch control. If you move up or down the speed slider, the audio pitch will stay the same. Windows media player also has this function, but it has limited range, from 50% to 200% speed. Hayaemon can do much more! The slowest speed is 10%! SWEET! This is really useful.

About the frequency control, if you use it, it will speed up or slow down the music tempo along with the audio pitch.

And about the pitch control, it will independently change the audio pitch without changing the speed (tempo/bpm/time) of the audio.

Oh wait, it can also rewind certain part, the A and B section (as you can see on the screenshot). The A is the beginning of the section. Just click A button wherever you want to practice a part of a long phrase, and end it with B button. It will continuously loop the section (it can be easily dragged to stretch or shorten the section).

NOT only that, Hayaemon player can also be used to play video format such as: MP4, AVI, MKV and WMV, and the control functions will also work just fine on those video formats.

Visit and download!

To download this splendid freeware, visit: Hayaemon (English version)

There are other functions and effects too on the player which I didn't explain, you can try them out yourself. If you're confused with my short writings, well, Ryota provides you with video guides to use it on the website.

Hayaemon Music Player - A Review

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