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Monday, August 4, 2014

Upload Image(s) on Blogger

Update May 8, 2015
This "bug" has already been fixed.
I noticed that few months ago (I don't remember the exact date).
I forgot to update this, until now.
I rarely use the Compose mode.

Really rarely.

It's always the HTML mode.
Now, in Blogger HTML mode, attaching uploaded image will constantly fail. I noticed that since last year. Probably a bug. Probably. Or I accidentally messed up something, hmm.

Anywho, the solution
What I do every time I need to attach an image (or images), I'll switch to Compose then upload + attach the image(s) from there.
It's flawless when I use the Compose mode to upload and attach image(s).

Well, that's it.
Upload Image(s) on Blogger

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