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Saturday, February 9, 2013 Sent Me The Ribbon

I like to "play around" with Math and Physics. Screw Chemistry, lol. Kidding, I love science. Never get enough of it.
In real life, I also give tutoring to school students about those subjects above.

Anyway, as I observed, today's generation is so not like the earlier generation (such as my generation and my parents generation). They got distracted so much on so many products. On the "economy" side, that's good, on the other hand, well...

Back to the "playing around", in order to keep my logic and memory sharp, I sometimes do problem sets.

Then, I started to google a website that offers online science problem sets practice. And yes, I found!

After doing couple subjects and all, I traded my points for a cool ribbon. For a while I thought they forgot about it. But, today, the ribbon has arrived! Sweet!

ribbon from

If you enjoy science and engineering as much as I do, you can go to BRILLIANT, sign up, and start doing problem sets.

FYI, because my other activities, I'm not really doing any problem sets there regularly. But dude, I got a ribbon. Woo!
I use it for my spare keys. Sent Me The Ribbon

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