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Monday, October 10, 2016

Why Does Dollar Use $ Symbol?

This character:


The word is "DOLLAR", right? There's no "S" in it.

Many speculated stuffs. On internet, the widely put explanation are:

  • It was from the Peso history (Spanish colonization of America -- the pieces of 8) and then SOMEHOW became $ (the dollar with 1 line).
  • Or, combining the U and S (US), so then the U was reduced to 2 lines. And SOMEHOW.

What is piece of 8? Piece of sh?

Apparently, back then, the new money circulated by those "royal" (Spanish Empire) people worth 8 times "real" money (Spanish real, reales) -- the Spanish currency in 14th-ish century.

Look at us, they said, we can initiate the value of money. Mwahahaha.

That doesn't answer much, does it.

Get him!

Wait wait. There's that "piece of sh" part which kinda makes sense. There's the "S".

No it did not Sauron.

In my own simpleton deduction, the "S" in $ is closely related to "Spain". Like the "L" in £ (pound sterling, GBP, pound, there's no "L" in the word "pound") is related to London, Londinium. Yeah well, Madrid is the capital of Spain (now), so the deduction is inconsistent, very much debatable. Yea they said the "L" (pound's symbol) was from Roman's heritage, the Libra. Libra, unit for mass, like pound, pound is a mass (weight) unit. Ah, the coin also has weight but "imaginary", hence the value printed on it. Um, uh, hm. The Roman "currency" was called "denarius" (now is dinar, used in many places in Middle East), as the "documentation"[what documentation?] said. Or other possibility, maybe each currency symbol is about satan and lucifer covert homage, who knows.

All of those royals (across the earth) are related, if you do not believe me. Same protocols (some have modifications depends on where they are, geolocation related) and generation to generation beliefs and mass control system. The only difference is the language, which is Nimrud story related, the scattering (migration) after the tower "break down" and such. Plus the fancy clothing perhaps.

Most of world's cultures histories were "discovered" in certain time period, by certain people, from certain society. I mean the ones printed on books and/or digital outlets. Those need a lot of investigation. Very interesting subject that is. We are all equipped with mighty processor called the brain, so let's see stuffs beneath those veils.

Why Does Dollar Use $ Symbol?

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