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How to Find out Whether a Certain Month Has 31 or 30 Days

Look at your knuckles.

This is some sort of picture of back of clenched hand or something:

The pointy joint is always 31. And the space between knuckles is 30 (or 28/29 in February).

Use both of your hands or just one hand to map it to month number. You can start from your index finger or pinkie knuckle, whichever, either one has the same sequence.

Your knuckle - space sequence looks like this (starting from the last or first knuckle):
knuckle - space - knuckle - space - knuckle - space - knuckle - knuckle (go to other hand or start over) - space - knuckle - space - knuckle - space - knuckle.
And therefore:
  1. January has 31 days - knuckle.
  2. February has 28/29 days. The 29 happens when the year is divisible by 4, such as this year, 2016 - space.
  3. March has 31 days - knuckle.
  4. April has 30 days - space.
  5. May has 31 days - knuckle.
  6. June has 30 days - space.
  7. July has 31 days - knuckle.
  8. August has 31 days (continue to your other hand to count it or start over) - knuckle.
  9. September has 30 days - space.
  10. October has 31 days - knuckle.
  11. November has 30 days - space.
  12. December has 31 days - knuckle.
  13. Month 13 (no name) - not used - space.
  14. Month 14 (no name) - not used - knuckle.

The calendar we internationally use is the Gregorian Calendar (knuckle system above), which was based on Julian Calendar. Either Gregorian or Julian system based on sun (solar) cycle observation.

As you'd notice on your hand, if you add the number of knuckle joints and the spaces on each hand, they're 7.

And also, open your hand and flip it so the palm is facing you. You'll see each finger (not the thumb) has 3 segments. Count each segment using your thumb from pinkie to your index finger or the other way round, you'll get 12 (assuming you start to count from 1, and 1, 2, 3, 4, ... sequence).

As such:

It's vertical counting, you can do that in horizontal too.
In vertical counting, you'll get that "3" feeling, and horizontal, the "4". Well, because it is 3 times 4 or 4 times 3.
In a brief glimpse, there's that 7, wooo, neat you guys.

If you want to, you can map the knuckle system above into the segments. It's not not normal.

The 12 above is related to the total months within a year. And, if you know music, hm, the chromatic (12) scale. The expansion of diatonic (7). Which is based on pentatonic (5) or not. And bunch others.

There's this sweet "template" I noticed a lot in nature.

There's other calendar system, it's based on lunar cycle. It's called lunar calendar or moon calendar. In pure lunar system, because the moon is not the sun, thus it is different.

In pure lunar system, this had "dark side" and mystical connotation back then. Like, really way back before the "industrial revolution" in Europe (France). Druid, wizard, sorcerer and those professions. If you think that's a movie stuff, well, it's the other way around.

Anywho, it's applied in their magic brewing session.
I have wandered some places and observed things. Yea, long story. Not improtent.

And there's the hybrid system, the lunisolar calendar. The lunisolar is using solar phase and combined with the lunar one.
So, from many olden textswhat text?, sun and moon, are within the uh, enclosedcitation needed celestial system. It's somewhat more "detailed" compared to what we use now because lunisolar system includes more variables from both day and night. Lunisolar was a trendy calendar system in ancient time.
It's usually equipped with many interesting metaphors, or I'd think those are metaphors. But then again, I don't think that much.

Stars are hard to spot, they are changing periodically, plus the clouds, so stars are never used as zero reference.

Heliocentric and geocentric are models. I think geocentric is really neat.

Did you mean heliocentric?


Months Naming

The months named after the Roman gods and words (Latin).
January was from Janus (god), February from Febris / Februus (god), March from Martius / Mars (god, of course, why would we see that on every book, movie and "space thing" if it wasn't), April from Aphrodite / Venus (goddess) -- aperiƍ (spring related -- the blooming), May from Maia / Maiesta (goddess), June from Juno (Jupiter's wife) -- goddess -- the "good month" for marriage.

January and February were added later on. Those were new, because apparently their calendar didn't work, the 304 days, 10 months a year.

July and August were from CAIVS IVLIVS and AVGVSTVS (Gaius Julius and Augustus -- Roman emperors), respectively. Because they were emperors and considered gods too, so, they could be in anything. Originally, they were Quintilis (5) and Sextilis (6).

Then, September was from sept-a/em (7), October -- oct-o/a/et (8), November -- nov-a/em (9), and December -- dec-a/em (10).

So before the 12 months, it was 10. It is said the 10 months calendar system was invented by Romulus. The founder of Rome. Very creative naming. The first month was actually the "March". The god of war. With the beard and helmet and skirt and plate.

Why do we use that Gregorian calendar system? Why is it never renewed? What is gravitational constant measurement tool? That big G constant? Was it derived from connecting and scribbling formulas? Why all the Gs?

Romulus and Remus

Romulus had a twin brother, Remus, but he killed him. Let's back it up.

Their parents were Mars and Silvia, Mars was a king, Silvia was a princess, both were the royals of somewhere.

Mars' parents were usually male and female, I don't know the names, neither did Silvia. Silvia didn't know Mars' parents, that's not really true.

Silvia's parents had a big chance knew Mars' parents. They maybe had a jug of tea once a month, all 6 of them.

Right, that was the blurry lineage. Then somehow for a reason, the twin babies put in a basket, far away from the interdimensional kingdom, like in middle earth's deep forest, so that they wouldn't overthrow the beardy helmety skirty platy dad. Or just throw pineapples to his face. Those deities had abnormal decision to begin with. But before that, Silvia gave birth to the twin babies.

The "Luckilies"

Because of that screw you method, "luckily", a female wolf found and took care of them both. The twin babies were protected from the nightly creatures and noonly predators by that sweet wolf. When they're waawaa crying, the wolf comforted them with wolf's milk.
Bro, tastes like awesome this yea? Yea, but I'm still hungry. The two babies talking.
Then "luckily" again, a bird, out of nowhere, helped them found food. The wolf didn't eat the bird, because it was a woodpecker, it pecked wood for daily routines, super hardened beak with ultra neck muscles and could fly with superb acceleration. Everybody in the forest knows that woodpecker is a dick when comes to chasing. It's not fair, some ground carnivore once stated. Yeah? Deal with it. That woodpecker great great great great grampa's ancestor once mocked.

Here's something to chew and swallow, go ahead, not poisonous, the bird chirped. You cutesy wootsy you, the bird continued.

The babies tried to chew the bird, hey knock it off, the bird said. This is the food, right here, not me. It's regurgitation of insects, berries, mint, and leaf worms, go on, very healthy!

Nuh uh, Remus replied.

Eat it, said the bird.

Mmm mm splendid ol chap, Romulus complimented the dish. Try it out! Got more?

Remus was shocked looking at Romulus behavior with his cutesy wootsy baby face.

About some weeks or so passed, wait a minute, how much milk and food that those guys provided again? Because I don't know the very detail, after they consumed lots of banquettes or banquets, whichever the meal version is, "luckily" for the third time, a lost shepherd discovered that anomaly, oh wow, two kids in the woods. Hm, I'd better bring them to normal place.

Shooshoo wolf and bird, bunch of wild animals.

The wolf bit his nose and the woodpecker pecked his left knee, in reversed order. Quit it. Arrghhh.

After the two were bored, they left the fella fell asleep.

Then he woke up with the twins right on his face. Oh crap, right, I'm lost, o mighty spirit of the forest, would you please?
And five tooth fairies appeared, bheeheehee. Although he was very much frightened and suddenly became world champion sprinter, the world only consisted of like 33 people in that time, 2 the twins, 1 him, the other 30 were extras, he found a way home. And got like a cent under his pillow. WOW! A cent! Niceee. My front tooth!

Nobody knew that shepherd character name, so let's call him Hulk.

The Whoopses

When they grew up, Remus was doing stuff which made him put in jail, and met the king, of that Hulk's land. Not Mars. Mars was way in different dimension complete with the beard, helmet, skirt, and plate and the hahaha, hey Silvia I thought we had children. But you said... JK, no we didn't bwahahaha that's the thunder we heard in clear daylight.

Before he met the king in the prison, he met him before also, he said, hello king. And arrested. Because he accidentally pulled down the king's robe or nose. See Remus was strolling around, and he saw the king's convoy, ran to see the king, and said, hello king, and tripped.

Romulus heard the news while bathing, and gathered a battalion of shepherds to free his brother. His face turned red, jumped out from the water, and something else, it was a blur, when he heard that Remus was taken hostage by the jail.
What kind of sentence was that?

Now you'd think a battalion of shepherds is funny looking, but that shepherd's crook head can be replaced with a sickle and the other end can be put a blade or arrow head, and they can run in the nude, or walk, either way they can be super scary. For example, when you see 777 nude men jogging with scythes, you'll ask a lot of things before you scream. And sheep, goat, cow, chicken, they can be vicious too if they are lions, pumas, bears, and sharks.

So after the 33 people, the world filled with many stork-brought-people, for the sake of this story.

Continue, and then, Romulus successfully convinced 776 bathing shepherds and Hulk at the riverside to join his campaign with the exchange of some speeches he promised, like, my dad is a god. Oh, is that so? Yes, and a prick. What's that? Oh nothing, he will give you stuffs. Ah, alright, we'll join you.
Wait a second, how will he know what stuff we want?
That's not important right now. Let's march, RUN.

Almost 778 nude men with spoons, goats, chickens, sticks and stuffs were running.

322 of them not sure what to do, they still, like, washing their stuffs. And yelled, waaaaittt, Rommm, isn't that nicer if we wear clothes? Silence, no time. Is it silence or no time? SHUT UP! RUN!

The prison was around 666 paces from the riverbank. Very quickly they arrived at the beer bar around it.

Heeyyyyahhhh, they yelled. Wrong door! Uh wait, miss, your finest BEER please. Glug glug barf. RUN. Sir, you have to pay for that and my door. No time, everybody let's go already, ATTACK next door. What is his problem, some shepherd at the back whispered. I heard that. Haayyaaa *censored ransacking scene*

So then, Remus was freed, but unfortunately, the king was also killed, whoops, Romulus mumbled, oh well. Everybody! OH WELL! And everybody in the battalion said "oh well" at the same time plus the cattle.

The castle was actually very not big. It was built only for the king, the queen, the kids, and some other people, like all 18 of them, and 101 guards. The guards stationed outside the castle's walls and never had training on how to stop mixed mind numbers, as in numb, attack.

So when the ransacking stopped, the place was really jam-packed with people, mostly nude men, and farm animals.
Because the suffocation and the super scary look of the battalion, some of the castle officials peed, some pooped, some did both involuntarily, some were just really pale-faced from birth, Romulus und Remus were offered to be twin kings of that Hulk's land, almost 776 shepherds and Hulk cheered wildly. The 322 others were still confused, staring at the ceiling.

Aside the spectacular hooray with all the chickens being in the air, minus the 322 confused shepherds, Romulus en Remus refused it. We wanna start a new place, Romulus shouted, with all the foamy beer look on his face, quite a jerk indeed. Remus was like, wait a minute, no we don't wanna start a new place, it's sweet here. No I said, Romulus hiccuped. Both argued. Fine let's find another place, Remus gave up. At first, the castle officials only heard woof woof bwoof bwa bwaoof, but since they were scared, the adrenaline helped them interpret the words.

As the time passed by, as Romulus forgot all the speeches promise to those naive shepherds, but he had wrote them but never read the stuff in front of them, they eventually found a land which fitted their desires.
Look Mus, nice place yea?
Yea yea.
I called shotgun.
No you didn't.
But I just did.

And Romulus built something on that shotgunned side, Remus skippity skipped on the other side.

Romulus built stuffs with rocks and woods, very good at carpentry and masonry, very fast also, and by accident, invented rocks glue, we call it cement now.

Remus just lied down under a giant tree, relaxing, chasing butterflies, chewing grass, trying to reminisce the meal from the woodpecker. He still wondered why Romulus enjoyed that so much?
Suddenly a cute squirrel passing through on Remus' side. Oy, Rom, look a squirrel! Be quiet over there. But your hammering is really loud. Be quiet, this is my music. And Remus climbed a tree to see the squirrel's family. Oh aww, hi there. Hi human. Ah, really nice place you have. May I sleep over here? Uh, yes you may, but no you can't, you're too big. I see, well, anyway, nice meeting you guys. Same here.
I don't know how Remus talked in squirrel.

A day passed, Remus saw the wall built by Romulus, with no words filtering Remus shouted, hey, what a stupid wall! Nyenyenye. Say what? Romulus replied. Romulus got angry, or rabies, brought his sword, sprinted to scare his brother, but whoops happened again.

Romulus cried, like, waawaa, like when he was a baby, and kept saying "oh well" repetitively for about 3 days nonstop. It was really loud, the squirrels family moved to another tree because of that. One of the kid squirrel said, mommy, isn't that the nice human who visited us yesterday? Yes. Is he dead? Uh, he went to a better place, now let's go pack your stuffs. What stuffs? Oh okay, let's move, move. The squirrels family running and jumping cutely.

After 3 days, the cry was reduced to sob, although it didn't really have any difference. When the sobbing stopped, Romulus had that hormonal body fluidal mixed-up in his head. He didn't eat and drink for more than 3 days. In a way, he had a temporal insanity or other fancy medical term in his cerebra. Romulus had more than 1 brain.
So Romulus decided to build three lemon stands to sell oranges under 13 seconds, but they collapsed, dang it! And tried again, this time it's just 13 seconds, and the stability structure or structure stabliliry was the best ever known, that was the bootstrap template for any carpenter anywhere after that. But he put grass on each table. People were confused about his counter.

Well not people, just a passing by shepherd with the herd, wasn't involved in the rescue campaign before, he didn't know Romulus at all.

Sir, are you selling lemon or orange or wtf are you doing?
I don't know.
Who's that lying on the ground, it looks like you.
Huh wha I'm confused right now and pretty sad. But will you stay here?
Oh sure.
The word spread through out the plateau and something something, bam a city.
Mostly sheep and such.

What happened to Remus' corpse? We never know.
But people said, between full moon and not, which is late at night usually, there's subtle cold breeze and nyenyenye voice can be imagined vividly by people. Sometimes, the echo of "wall... stupid..." in Italian of course, parete..., or Latin, paries..uh yeah that.. murus.. paries... stupido, I mean stupidus... wooo...

That's how it began, according to the legend we can read everywhere. Not literally everywhere.
Very similar to something else. Like, some other stories. Of course my story telling is weird.
Rome, the side of that new found land which had that stupid wall built by Romulus then became.

For no reason, he invented a calendar system that didn't work. And moved the city to near the ocean, because people in the city had at least 60 cows per family, or maybe that wasn't the reason.

The Wolf and the Bird

The wolf and the bird had a meeting, they talked about how despicable things going on in that human territory, but since they were cool, so no further story.
The wolf asked the pecker though, hey were you following me? The wood said nothing and flew nervously.

As you can read from the story above, there are many occultic references I slipped in, whoops. Everybody, oh well.

Que and Ass

Was there really "ancient Rome"?

That's a dumb question, it's in the books and such. Everybody knows.

Hm. Alright. But isn't that history written by the victors? Plus the "extrapolation of missing fragments"?


Yeah so the victors can write just about anything then.


I don't know.

But you see, there are those museum relics, history buffs, that funky coliseum, movies, books, and a city called Rome?

Is that a statement or?

It's an or. Romulus sprint, activate!

Back to knuckle system method above, I guess it represents the "rebellion" part what rebellion?

Of course, of course, don't ever believe my typing. I was just looking at my hands while drinking coffee. A neat refreshing coffee. This is an unrelated comic strip about it.

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