Wednesday, September 30, 2015

JavaScript: How to Extract the Date from ISO 8601 Complete Date and Time Format (Plus Make It Readable)

The complete format looks like this:



We want to extract everything before the letter "T" ("Time") there, the date pattern. And make the month as strings, e.g. March, May, July, and so forth. Plus, re-format the structure.

This is in JavaScript. For other programming languages, there are built-in features to do it, perhaps.
Like in Python, whoa dude.

First, split the string

Let's take the 1997-07-16T19:20:30.45+01:00 as an example input string.

Second, get the first array element and split it again

Third, define month names, day, month, and year variables

Fourth, convert the month number into string

The last, let's combine them all into one function block


This is only for the date

If your thingy there needs to show every single of them, then build another methods/functions to process the time (hour:minute:second.millisecond am/pm) and the time zone (TZD).

For example

See the Pen DateTime ISO-8601 Extractor by Monkey Raptor (@monkeyraptor) on CodePen.


A tool to find out the weekday name of a particular date, on Port Raptor

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