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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Health: Tips to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

Are you having trouble sleeping?
Me too, sometimes.

I'll share something about that matter.
There are some different reasons that can lead to it.
So, let's make a list :
  1. For computer/techie people : you're playing game or staring at the computer for far too long you constantly forgot to notice the time to sleep. Then it developed to some weird sleeping habit.
  2. Your neighbor or your roommate produces noise in the most inappropriate time of the day (external).
  3. You're very stressed out because of something (internal — psychological).
  4. You have an over-sensitive hearing.
  5. You drink coffee or taking other anti-sleeping stuff too much (chemical — habit).
  6. You're in an ill condition. Your body just won't relax because it's trying to defend itself (internally) from bacteria or virus or weird non-organic substance.

Long Term Solution Recommendation
Sleeping has a direct correlation with body (brain — nerves) resting (macro) and cells rejuvenation (micro). Therefore, people who have some good balanced sleeping time will look, well, normal, even fresher or we might say, younger. Others who can't (either on purpose or not) will look older than they're supposed to. And guys who often oversleep will look stupider than platypuses.

First, about habit
In this modern-computer-gadget world, all of us, most of us tend to sleep at way over the ordinary/normal time.
In young school age, I would sleep at around 9 PM then woke up at around 5 AM.
In my age now (two hundred years old, JK, I'm, like, thirty or sumthin — thousands), because of all the hocus-pocus activities, I sometimes start sleeping at 4 AM then wake up at 9 AM. Not a good example.

FYI, I was an ath-o-lete. Martial art thingy, lots of belts here, there, I forgot where I put them.

Not to brag or anything, just sharing an example, in young age (very intense), until now (less intense), I always do anaerobic (and aerobic) exercises daily, just for 5-15 minutes.
Always start with a simple warm up, like stretching the muscles.
Anaerobic exercises (these are daily routines, 5 - 15 minutes, depends on the mood weather):
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Dumbbell repetitions
Aerobic exercises. These would take more than an hour per exercise, but not daily, weekly, sort of. Again, depends on the mood. Great mood creates awesome useful spare time :
  • Jumping repetitions with or without the jumping rope (indoor)
  • Punching and kicking with or without the punchbag (indoor)
  • Jogging/Running (outdoor)
  • Swimming (in a swimming pool)

So, that's me.

Now, the recommendation
  1. I'd recommend to do some regular aerobic exercises to make your blood flow normal again, and probably super than ever. Examples (not sport game, just exercise) : jogging/running, biking, and swimming. Anaerobic exercises will give very little effect, it's for muscles strength building, not for overall metabolism traffic inside our body.

    Regular exercise is far more awesome than just one-timer hardcore exercise. Do it ≥2 times a week, make a schedule, stick to the schedule. Routine aerobic exercise is so very good to help you sleep better.
    Remember, it's not about how sweaty you are after every exercise, it's about doing it regularly.
    Jogging or running less than 30 minutes has no impact. You have to do it regularly for about 30 minutes or more per exercise time[1].
    Doesn't matter what miles/km you can go with that ≥30 minutes. As long as you keep your pace steady, without realizing it, you'll get faster and lighter afterward.
  2. About the computer-ing habit : if you have nothing better to do on your computer or gadget or game console, force yourself to stay away from it or turn it off. Then go to sleep.
    You'll be developing neat things afterward (psychological).
  3. Try to reduce consuming instant/canned meals or snacks. If you wanna eat and you have the tools and the ingredients, cook it yourself. If you're not interested in cooking or eating your own messy cooking, then choose your restaurant meal nicely, there's a whole bunch of tips on the internet about that.
    About snacks, those are delicious and addictive, right? Well, again, just use common sense when consuming it, you don't need to overdo anything.
  4. Consuming balanced nutrition : carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, mineral, fibers, fat, etc. This needs a lot of knowledge. There are focused experts about this subject. You can search it up on the internet.
    Just one though, I'd recommend to have a regular tea time daily. Without sugar.
    Tea is great for neutralizing toxic.
  5. Drink a lot of water everyday. Mineral water if you will.
    I have a big mug here, its capacity is around ¾ L (0.2 gal). I drink 4 - 5 times a day with it, normal day without any sweaty exercises. So, roughly, each day I drink about 2.5 - 3.5 L of (just) water.
    Regular water drinking : for male, it's around 3 L of water per day, and female, around 2.2 L[2]
  6. The last, but still very important, look at the bright side of life. This one can have a very deep interpretation.
    What? There's no bright side!
    Well, because we don't wanna see the bright ones. It was planted in our head when we were very tiny. Ya know, from all the implicit messages from TV and radio shows. If you observe those really intensely, then take notes, you'll laugh. Perhaps.
    I'd recommend to watch and listen Anthony Robbins[3] motivational speeches about it. It really works, without any further embellishments. It's just natural, but we tend to not look at it because of all the modern world distractions.

Shortcut Recommendation
If you just wanna sleep instantly (either psychological or not), I'll share few tips :
  1. Listen to ambient calming sounds before you go to sleep. Such as rainfalls, waves, the sound of forest, white noise, traditional music (or modern calming music), and others. You can find any of those on the internet. You can loop the recording and such with your audio player.
    Try that out, most of time it will give you the relaxing mood. Also, you'll be having a nice dream, like, 52% of chance.
  2. If the problem comes from the external source(s), for instance, some snoring dude, midnight parade, working construction, etc, then equip your ears with earplug and/or earmuff.
  3. There are lots of varieties of sleeping pills out there. I won't recommend that, normally. But, as an instant-temporary solution, you can take it. You have to consult that first to a pharmaceutical expert person or your doctor before consuming any of those.

Right, that's about it, may you sleep well and have a fresher mood the next day.

References and sources :
  1. My experiences, sort of.
  2. Mayo Clinic — Water : How much should you drink everyday?
  3. Anthony Robbins : Life Coach
Health: Tips to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

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